General COVID-19 Protocols

Below are our COVID-19 protocols for those coming to Dhamma Dena as one of the following: visitor, individual self-retreatant, individual work-retreatant, or long-term resident. If you are coming to Dhamma Dena to attend a formal residential retreat, see our Retreat COVID Protocols.

Updated January, 2023

We offer these protocols in the spirit of valuing all life as sacred. We hope these guidelines can keep us all safe and well as we come together to practice and overcome this time of collective challenge together.


Symptoms of COVID-19 commonly appear 2-3 days before a positive test result. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, please let us know and stay home until the symptoms are resolved. At this time, COVID-19 symptoms include one or more of the following:

Vaccination & Booster Mandate

We require all visitors and retreatants to be fully vaccinated with at least one booster, and to show proof upon arrival.

Prior to Arrival at Dhamma Dena

Precautions While Traveling to Dhamma Dena

For the safety of the community, we ask that retreatants keep an N95/KN95 mask on in all indoor, public locations, while traveling to the center. If you are traveling by plane, please keep your mask on during the flight, including refraining from eating. To drink water on the flight, use a straw under your mask.

Arrival at Dhamma Dena

When you arrive at Dhamma Dena, you will be asked to self-administer a COVID-19 rapid test. We will have staff available to support you with how to take your test if needed.

Protocols During a Residential Retreat

Please see our Retreat COVID-19 Protocols.

Visitors, Self- and Work-Retreatants, and Long-term Residents

Outside of residential retreats, with a smaller number of people residing at the center, we relax the indoor mask policy. We may share a living space, and be together indoors without a mask or distancing.

While Outside of Dhamma Dena

If residents do not adhere to these safety protocols, they will need to mask for three days upon returning and then take a negative test before unmasking. 

Regular Testing for Long-term Residents

PCR COVID-19 Testing Near Dhamma Dena