Lotus Insight Sangha Seattle, Washington

Lotus Insight Sangha is a Buddhist community of lesbians, bisexual women, and trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming meditation practitioners based in Seattle We are committed to being an anti-racist, multi-cultural sangha (community). We provide a place to sit together in meditation, study the teachings of Buddha, and make connections to social justice off the cushion. Working towards our vision of an anti-racist sangha, we hope to foster a more complete, safe and supportive atmosphere to practice the Buddhist teachings (Dharma) of interrelatedness and communal well-being. Our guiding teacher is Arinna Weisman. Check our website: our sits and events. It’s noted which events are for our queer community and which are open to everyone.

Community Sits are open to Lesbian, Bisexual Women, Trans, Non-Binary and Gender non-conforming people. Since we are currently using Zoom, others who don’t live in our area are welcome!

Capitol Hill Meditation and Dharma Discussion

Second Sundays, 11am-1pm virtual sits using Zoom
Rotating Facilitators lead our Sunday meditations. We have intros and a check in, @ 35 minute meditation, and group discussion- usually about a reading we've emailed out ahead of time. Email us to get the zoom link if you aren't on our LIS listserv (Normally we meet at PEER Seattle, 1520 Bellevue Ave, Suite 100 (between Pine and Pike).

South Side Meditation and Dharma Discussion

Every 2 weeks 7pm-8:30pm virtual sits using Zoom
Our next Monday sits will be June 29, July 13, July 27. 6:45pm gather, 7:00pm sit, 7:40 short presentation & discussion. Email us to get the link if you aren't on our LIS listserv.

Contact Info: Phone: 206 329-5908

Queer Women’s and Gender Queer Deep Refuge group

Are you interested in deepening your practice and your connection to other socially engaged Queer meditators ?

We are a small group of socially conscious Queer women and gender queer meditators influenced by Buddhism, who gather weekly on Thursday nites from 7-8:30 to support and nurture each other with our practice, deepen our meditation experience and knowledge as well as our friendships, as we practice together as a sangha of spiritual friends.

The group consists of of 6-10 queer/ lesbian ppl with an affinity to socially engaged Buddhism. We have a friendly democratic structure, that includes 30-40 mins of meditating followed by discussion of Buddhist concepts, experience, or other readings or topic , led by rotating facilitators. We will be guided by practicing care and kindness with each other and build trust to deepen our bonds and practice together.

We will discuss among other topics, how as socially conscious people concerned about injustices Buddhism supports us in our activism and social awareness, and speaks to the suffering we see happening in the world? What do we personally experience and what are our struggles with taking in the suffering and engaging with our communities for both individual and systemic change? And we will address different Buddhist concepts from a socially engaged perspective.

If your interested in joining please contact Lisa Dettmer at