BIPOC Sangha

Week of May 15th: Meditation Techniques and Our Ancestors

Saturday Morning BIPOC Support SANGHA

We invite any self-identified Black, Indigenous, People of Color to join us in our Saturday Morning Support Sangha. This is a peer led group that meets every Saturday morning from 10 am to 11:15 am, Pacific Daylight Time.

We start with a brief welcome, then a 30 minute sit in silence with a metta offering, followed by a brief update on what’s happening at Dhamma Dena, and then a sharing centered on a dharma teaching. We close with a dedication of merit. People can feel free to bow out after the 30 minute sit or stay for the whole time.

All levels of meditation and participation are welcome.

Saturdays | 10 am to 11:15am PST | Online

We will be online starting at 9:45 to help you log on / sound check :)

10:00 - 10:10 - Welcome & introductions
10:10 - 10:40 - Sit
10:40 - 11:10 - Discussion & Updates
11:15 - Close with dedication of merit

Register in advance

Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about accessing all following Saturday sanghas with the passcode.

Email if you have questions.

Audio Offerings from our Sangha

Join The Conversation / Friends are the path

We are a very small organization that centers supporting the Vipassana meditation retreats and dharma practices for BIPOC and queer communities. Our BIPOC sangha is peer led and Dhamma Dena is currently volunteer run.

Dhamma Dena BIPOC Sangha has a google group where we share resources, organize and seek support from the sangha, and post updates relating to Dhamma Dena.

This is a google group / listserv for Dhamma Dena BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) Sangha, past, present and future.

Please contact to be added to the google group or with any questions.

Discussion Topics

We choose themes for discussion, and each week a sangha members prepares to ground and lightly guide our discussion after the sit. These are the topics we have covered since beginning to sit on Saturday mornings together, in April 2020.

April & May - Four Noble Truths & The Eight Fold Path

1. April 18th - The First Noble Truth

2. April 25th - The Second Noble Truth

3. May 2nd - The Third Noble Truth

4. May 9th - The Fourth Noble Truth

5. May 16th - The Eight Fold Path - Wise View

6. May 23rd -The Eight Fold Path - Wise Resolve

7. May 30th - The Eight Fold Path - Wise Speech

June - The Eight Fold Path

8. June 6th - The Eight Fold Path - Wise Action

9. June 13th -The Eight Fold Path - Wise livelihood

10. June 20th -The Eight Fold Path - Wise effort

11. June 27th - The Eight Fold Path - Wise mindfulness

July - Taking Refuge in the Triple Gem

12. July 4th - The Eight Fold Path - Samadhi / Wise Concentration

13. July 11th - The Buddha

14. July 18th - The Dharma

15. July 25th - The Sangha

August - The Five Hindrances

16. August 1st - Sensual Desire

17. August 8th - Anger

18. August 15th - Sloth, torpor & boredom

19. August 22nd - Restlessness & worry

20. August 29th - Doubt

September - The Four Noble Truths

21. The First Noble Truth

22. The Second Noble Truth

23. The Third Noble Truth

24. The Fourth Noble Truth

October - The Divine Abodes

25. Oct 3rd - How's your practice?

26. Oct 10th - Metta

27. Oct 17th - Karuna

28. Oct 24th - Mudita

29. Oct 31st - Upekkha

November - The Paramis

30. Nov 7th 🌞 Dāna - generosity, giving of oneself

31. Nov 14th 🐛 Sīla - virtue, morality, proper conduct

32. Nov 21st 🐕 Nekkhamma - renunciation

33. Nov 28th 🦉 Paññā - wisdom, discernmen

December - The Paramis

34. Dec 5th 🐕 Viriya - energy, diligence, vigour, effort

35. Dec 12th 🐃 Khanti - patience, acceptance, endurance

36. Dec 19th 🦁 Sacca - truthfulness, honesty

37. Dec 26th 🐜 Adhiṭṭhāna - determination, resolution

January 2021 - The Paramis

38. Jan 2nd 🐝 Mettā pāramī: goodwill, friendliness, loving-kindness

39. Jan 9th 🌊 Upekkhā pāramī: equanimity, serenity

January 2021 - The Three Jewels

40. Jan 16th the Three Jewels: The Buddha, The Teacher

41. Jan 23rd the Three Jewels: The Dharma, The Teachings

42. Jan 30th the Three Jewels: The Sangha, The Community

February 2021 - Metta & The Four Noble Truths

43. Feb 6th - Metta session with Mel

44. Feb 13th - The First Noble Truth

45. Feb 20th - The Second Noble Truth

46. Feb 27th - The Third Noble Truth

March 2021 - The Four Noble Truths / Eight Fold Path

47. March 6th - The Fourth Noble Truth

48. March 13th : The Eight Fold Path: Wise View / Understanding

49. March 20th - Wise Thought / Intention

50. March 27th - Wise Speech

April 2021 - The Eight Fold Path

51. April 3rd - Wise Action / Conduct

52. April 10th - Wise Livelihood

53. April 17th - Wise Effort

54. April 24th - Wise Mindfulness

May 2021 - The Eight Fold Path

55. May 1st - Wise Concentration

56. May 8th - Sangha Celebration! Of the One Year Anniversary of our Saturday Support Sangha & The Two Year Anniversary of the First BIPOC retreat on the land at Dhamma Dena. Details to come.

57. May 15th - Meditation techniques and Our Ancestors