BIPOC Sangha

Dear BIPOC Sangha,

After a little over 2 years of wonderful, supportive, dedicated, inspiring practice, throughout the pandemic, we have decided to lay our weekly Saturday meetings to rest. We thank each & everyone of you who ever attended. Our time together was invaluable to say the least. We are grateful to have shared a space with other folks of color, where we were able to deepen our knowledge of the dharma, meditate, and build spiritual community from the onset of the pandemic.We wish you all happiness, greater ease, and lesser suffering, on your paths.

With much metta,

Yvonne & Sinclair

Saturday Morning BIPOC Support Sangha

We would like to give special thanks to Yvonne and Sinclair for guiding the BIPOC sangha's Saturday support group, and gratitude for the presence of every sangha member that ever took part in our Saturday morning meditation.

You can join our google group or mailing list below to stay in touch.

Join The Conversation / Friends are the path

We are a very small organization that centers supporting the Vipassana meditation retreats and dharma practices for BIPOC and queer communities. Our BIPOC sangha is peer led and Dhamma Dena is currently volunteer run.

Dhamma Dena BIPOC Sangha has a google group where we share resources, organize and seek support from the sangha, and post updates relating to Dhamma Dena.

This is a google group / listserv for Dhamma Dena BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) Sangha, past, present and future.

Please contact to be added to the google group or with any questions.

Audio Offerings from our Sangha