Employment Opportunities

Facilities Manager

We are excited to offer a new opportunity here at Dhamma Dena to help co-create and sustain this Meditation center, a radical Dharma center in the Mojave Desert. This position has opened up through the generosity of a grant.

Dhamma Dena Meditation Center is dedicated to supporting and awakening our capacity to love unconditionally and wisely. Through silent retreats, work retreats, self-retreats or as staff we orient towards building the strength to live our lives free of the clouds of anxiety, fear, obsessions, depression and confusion. We understand that the practice of transforming these energies benefits ourselves, our loved ones and our immediate communities, and ripples outward to the world. We care about ending ignorance and injustice in societal institutions and policies that sustains inequity, disenfranchisement, and the destruction of the earth.

Dhamma Dena is committed to building accessibility by supporting all those who want to come to the center, those who are people of color, transgender, gay, lesbian, queer, gender non-conforming, those who have immigrated, those who live with physical disability, those with chemical sensitivity, and those without financial resources. We are dedicated to building beloved community where all parts of ourselves feel welcome and honored. We are also committed to practicing Nonviolent Communication and upholding the 5 Precepts.

Women and gender non-conforming folks are encouraged to apply.


  • Daily meditation at 7:30am and 7:30pm
  • Once a week Sutta study and community check in with the guiding teacher.
  • Open Commnunity Meditation and Dharma talk on Thursday evenings
  • Individual support once a week with Guiding Teacher when she is in residence.
  • Two free retreats per year.
  • Working 7-8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  • 3 weeks off in the summer
  • Room and board
  • $500 stipend + Dana from retreats
  • It is a large facility and there is some flexibility about where you choose to live.

Job Description

  • Work collaboratively with team of managers and guiding teacher
    • Participate in 9am meeting on work days
    • Communicate clearly and work to resolve conflict and maintain harmony of team
    • Pitch in with shared tasks as needed: general cleaning, cooking lunch, etc.
  • Conduct routine inspections of premises and equipment
    • Perform preventative maintenance
    • Perform minor fixes, such as repairing broken windows and doors, damage to walls, etc.
    • Maintain grounds, including garden and yard upkeep
  • Perform necessary cleaning activities, such as sweeping, mopping, trash and recycling removal, etc.
  • Handle repairs and maintenance for plumbing work, painting, insulation, flooring, electrical repairs, and heating and air conditioning systems
  • Brainstorm and design construction and maintenance solutions
  • Guide work retreatants in construction & maintenance projects
  • Oversee contractors when professional repairs are necessary
  • Other tasks as needed

Familiarity with desert ecosystems, greywater, and permaculture a plus.

The Land

The desert is a wonderful place to practice mindfulness. From the extremes in temperature to the magnificent skies and landscapes there is always something to contemplate and be aware of. The high desert in this part of California is a special place with a unique ecological system. There are coyotes, rabbits, lizards and a wide variety of birds. You will notice the smell of the creosote bushes on cold damp mornings or the sound of the wind during the winter months. Dhamma Dena is located on the occupied territories of the Cahuilla, Serrano, Chemehuevi and Mohave homelands. The land in what is now called Joshua Tree is important to several Indigenous groups: Cahuilla, Serrano, Chemehuevi, and Mojave. We give deep thanks to these ancestors and their living descendants for their care taking of the land and the prayers and blessings that have passed to us from their lineage.

Additional Resources

If you are interested in applying for the position please send a cover letter and resume to dhammadenamanager@gmail.com