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Community Sits and Drop-Ins

Community Sit: Every Thursday at 7:00pm local community friends are welcome for a 45-minute group meditation, except when there is a retreat taking place. When Arinna Weisman, guiding teacher, is present there is a short dharma talk, a guided loving kindness meditation, and/or a question and answer session.

Drop Ins: The Meditation Hall is open throughout the day and evening for anyone to drop in and take some quiet time to sit or walk in the Meditation Hall. You can join the staff and residents at 7:30am or 7:30pm when we practice together for 45 minutes. This is a silent meditation time without guidance and we ask everyone to come on time for group sittings.


Coming from LA (See note * for directions from the East)

  • Google Maps LA to 65620 Giant Rock Rd
  • Take I-10 East (about 100 miles)
  • Take Exit 117 for CA 62 E toward 29 Palms/Yucca Valley (* if you are coming from the east take this same exit from I-10 West)
  • (continue for about 23 miles)
  • Turn Left on Yucca Mesa Road (continue 4 miles)
  • Turn Right on Aberdeen Rd (continue 4 miles)
  • Turn Left on Border (continue 3 miles)
  • Turn Right on Winters (continue 3.5 miles)-- after about 2 miles in Winters becomes a dirt road
  • Turn Left on Coyote Valley Road (go about 200 feet, there is a sign that says Dhamma Dena)
  • Turn Left on Cascade (go about 200 feet, sign that says Vipassana)
  • Turn Left on Giant Rock Road (there is a green house on the corner and trailers on the right of Giant Rock Road).
  • Drive 200 feet up to the a white fence at the front, just past the "Dachshund Xing" sign. This is Main house.
  • If you get lost, try calling the office: 760-362-4815 or try calling or texting JP's (the resident manager) mobile number: 503-234-0049.

Bus Directions

Morongo Basin Transit Authority runs buses from Palm Springs to Yucca Valley regularly. Connections from the airport, trains and buses are available. More information about that can be found here.

Donations, Registration Fees & Correspondence

Dhamma Dena Meditation Center

PO Box 183, Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Physical Address (we do not get USPS delivery here so please only send mail to the PO Box)

Dhamma Dena Meditation Center

65620 Giant Rock Rd, Joshua Tree, CA 92252

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